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EVS Vision Knee Brace

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Data sheet

Involucro HDPE Plastica
Forma Fuoristrada
Sistema di chiusura Fermagli
Stile MX
Uttilizzo Protect your Knees
Genere Unisex
Sconto 20%+
Materiale Plastica

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  • EVS has designed and manufactured high end protection apparel for motocross riders all over the world. EVS keeps working hard to design protection apparel that will not cost you a lot but protect you more. The EVS Vision Knee Brace is proof of some of EVS’ high quality production. With adjustable straps, the EVS Vision Knee Brace provides a superior fit you will need and want for your knees and legs. The EVS Vision Knee Brace has pivot hinges that help to extend and/or bend out the knee with no problems, while still allowing stability. So find out for yourself why motocross riders around the world choose EVS.
  • The Vision is designed to imitate the flexion and extension motions of the knee and is able to accomplish this with aluminum dual pivot hinges that are anatomically correct. Superb bilateral protection and stability are offered with the Vision, along with superior hyperextension control. The brace has impact resistant thigh and calf panels, along with a full-coverage knee cup to provide full leg protection.
  • Comfortable wrap around thigh attachment provides a great fit.
  • No bulk and fits great in all MX boots.
  • Easy on/off design with single calf and thigh straps.
  • Full coverage knee cup prevents patella injuries.
  • Dual pivot hinges.
  • Calf impact panels.
  • Sold in sets only.

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