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EVS R4 Pro Race Collar Jr, Carbon - Youth

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Scheda tecnica

Involucro Fibra di carbonio | Schiuma ad alta densità
Forma Fuoristrada
Stile MX
Uttilizzo Protect your Neck
Genere Unisex
Sconto 20%+
Materiale Fibra di carbonio



We took our proven race collar technology and stepped it up to the next level. The new R4 Pro improves upon existing lightweight feel and incredible fit by incorporating the use of carbon fiber, hight impact injection grade bio-foam and an all new innovative air bladder shock absorption system. In addition, we improved the harnessing system by providing an all new bi-lateral torso strapping system.

Minimizes risk of axial compression, hyperflexion, hyperextension and lateral hyperflexion
Provides amazing head / neck range of motion
Soft rubberized edges for increased comfort
Adjustable sizing
Works well with most chest protectors
Very comfortable and lightweight

Weight: Youth = 386g / Adult = 635g


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