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Fiche technique

housse AIM | Fibre de verre organique et fibres multi-composite
Forme Intégral
Système de fermeture Attache micrométrique
Intérieur - revêtement Enlevable | Lavable | Quick-dry
Garantie 5 Ans
Style Sport
Usage Protect your Head
Genre Unisexe
Remise 10%
Matériel Fibre de verre

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A Premium helmet, for sport with multi-season touring features built in. With the GT-Airs improved aerodynamics, wider and taller field of vision, less wind noise, internal sun visor, and removable/ washable liner. The GT-Air is the perfect Sport/ Touring helmet that is communication /SRC) system ready.


Lighter, Quiet

Wind tunnel tested, aerodynamic, more compact, and lighter than its predecessor. Better seal around the neck to minimize noise.



Allows more airflow than it predecessor. The GT-Air new front chin vent is now quieter and allows more air flow directly to the shield. The larger ram air style 3 position vent on top, and an venturi exhaust vent on the rear to pull the warm air out.


New MAX-Vision heavy duty polycarbonate shield/Visor is "Pin-Lock" equipped. The Pinlock Lens is in the box (a value of 30-70). The Pin Lock lens creates a dual-pane environment that works excellent against the shield fogging up in rain, or cold, riding conditions. Breath Guard also in the box.

Shield/Visor changes are made very easy with new Quick Release Self Adjusting Base Plate System. When the shield is closed the "5 way adjustable" shield lock mechanism pulls the shield back into the beaded rubber seals for an airtight fit. Very simple design, snap on, snap off. The new rubber seals around the eye port are a double-walled bead style preventing collapse and long life.

There is an additional manually operated shield lock directly below the thumb tab. Inside is a large high quality sun visor, anti-fog, anti-scratch, with a side control switch that is easy to use with gloves.


On the inside, removable, washable, 3D Max padding to absorb moisture from your head. Cutaways in the padding making it Sunglasses friendly. Removable pre-cut ear pieces for access and to the speaker pocket for installation of helmet communication systems.



The next helmet UP in the SHOEI line from the GT-Air is the X-Spirit 2 Race Helmet for the Track, and the NEOTEC for touring.

The next helmet DOWN in the line is the RF-1200 (NXR).



Shell: Organic fiber and multi-composite fiber in various layers for a shock-absorbent shell with optimum rigidity.

Sunshield : The sun shield was integrated into the helmet without any sacrifice in safety, by keeping the EPS liner at the same thickness, throughout the helmet.

Also, Shoei is the first helmet manufacturer that has approved the sunshield according to the DIN EN 1836 standard. This is the European standard for sunglasses.

EQRS: E.Q.R.S. (Emergency Quick Release System) for easy helmet removal in case of an accident.


- Interlocking mechanism 100% stainless steel.

- No safety sacrifice by the use of plastic.

- Handy to open and close.

- Easy to adjust.



Shell: 3 different sizes, For perfect fit and compact dimensions

Sizes: XS - XXL

Sunshield: No sacrifice in safety of front absorption layer.

- Special lever for easy handling with gloves.

- Anti-fog and anti-scratch coated.

- 99% UV-blocking.

Interior: Detachable, 3D centerpad for perfect fit.

- Cheekpads in different sizes for individual adjustment.

- Chinstraps detachable for easy care.



- Multiple air inlets and outlets.

- Flush surface for less wind turbulence.

- Permanent ventilation to control climate inside the helmet.



Shell: Integrated spoilers, optimized aerodynamics

Visor: Available In different colors and tints



- Breathguard Type F

- Chincurtain G

- Pinlock lense DKS301 (will replace DKS055)

- Sunvisor QSV-1

- Clear Visor CNS-1

- SHOEI helmet bag comes with the helmet



5 Years

SHOEI Helmet. Shoei Helmet Size, Shoei Helmet Sizing


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