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Ficha técnica

Capa AIM | Fibra orgánica y multi-composit
Forma Modular
Sistema de cierre Micro cierre
Interior - Revestimiento Desmontable & Lavable
Garantía 5 Años
Estilo Touring
Uso Protect your Head
Género Unisexo
Descuento 15%


Shoei Casco Precio

A Premium modular helmet (aka. Flip-up), for sport touring, touring, and commuting. With the Neotecs improved aerodynamics, wider field of vision, less wind noise, internal sun visor, and removable/ washable liner. The Neotec is the perfect Sport/ Touring helmet.

Lighter, Quiet

Wind tunnel tested, aerodynamic, more compact, and lighter than its Multitec predecessor. Better seal around the neck to minimize noise. Chin bar has a spoiler to minimize turbulence, and a new visor seal and closing mechanism to minimize noise.


Allows 300% more airflow than it predecessor the Multitec. The Neotecs new front chin vent is now quieter and allows more air flow directly to the shield. The larger ram air style 3 position vent on top, and an venturi exhaust vent on the rear to pull the warm air out.


New MAX-Vision heavy duty polycarbonate shield/Visor is "Pin-Lock" equipped. The Pinlock Lens is in the box (a value of 30-70). The Pin Lock lens creates a dual-pane environment that works excellent against the shield fogging up in rain, or cold, riding conditions. Breath Guard also in the box.
Shield/Visor changes are made very easy with new Quick Release Self Adjusting Base Plate System. When the shield is closed the "5 way adjustable" shield lock mechanism pulls the shield back into the beaded rubber seals for an airtight fit. Very simple design, snap on, snap off. The new rubber seals around the eye port are a double-walled bead style preventing collapse and long life.
There is an additional manually operated shield lock directly below the thumb tab. Inside is a large high quality sun visor, anti-fog, anti-scratch, with a side control switch that is easy to use with gloves.


On the inside, removable, washable, 3D Max padding to absorb moisture from your head. Removable pre-cut ear pieces for access and to the speaker pocket for installation of helmet communication systems.



The next helmet UP in the SHOEI line from the Neotec is the X-Spirit 2 Race Helmet.
The next helmet DOWN in the line is the GT-Air.



SHOEI, Shoei Helmet, Shoei Helm



Shell in AIM

Organic fibre and multi-composite fibre in various layers for a shock absorbent shell with optimum rigidity.

 SHOEI, Shoei Helmet, Shoei Helm



Steel micro ratchet system

Interlocking mechanism 100% stainless steel
No safety sacrifice by the use of plastic
Handy to open and close
Easy to adjust

 SHOEI, Shoei Helmet, Shoei Helm


  • 360° pivot locking system

    100% stainless steel locking system
    360° enclosed pivot for maximum safety

 SHOEI, Shoei Helmet, Shoei Helm




No sacrifice in safety of front absorbtion layer
Special lever for easy handling with gloves
Anti-fo and anti-scratch coated
99% UV-blocking
Sunshield EN1836 approved : As first manufacturer, Shoei approved the Neotec sunshield according the European EN 1836 standard for sunglasses.

 SHOEI, Shoei Helmet, Shoei Helm


3 Shell sizes

For perfect fit and compact dimensions
1) XS-M, 2) L, 3) XL-XXL





The visor

Pinlock® Visor

Guaranteed condensation-free thanks to its double glazing technology "City position" for maximum ventilation while travelling slowly




Visor mechanism

The EasyChange visor mechanism makes changing visors extremely quick and simple.
Change of visor without tools.

 SHOEI, Shoei Helmet, Shoei Helm


Vortex generator

The frontcover is equipped with a vortex generator to create small turbulence around the frontcover to avoid air leaking into the helmet and creating windnoise.

 SHOEI, Shoei Helmet, Shoei Helm


Detachable Interior

3D centerpad for perfect fit
Cheekpads in differnt sizes for individual adjustment
Chinstraps detachable for easy care



SHOEI, Shoei Helmet, Shoei Helm


Por el  02 Junio 2017 (SHOEI NEOTEC Imminent) :

Best flip-up helmet I have experienced!

The shopping experience with Braap Moto was great; I first made an inquiery of the availability and price of the helmet, and the staff of the Braap Moto answered promptly. Also I got a good deal of the Neotec, as compared to the prices elsewhere I looked, they gave me absolutely the best price!! Trough out the whole shopping process, Mark from the Braap Moto kept me aware for example of when I can expect my helmet to arrive, and also offered to give an guided tour around Luxembourg by bike if I was to drive that way (as I was in Southern Europe at the time with my motorbike); That is what one can call friendly service!!! All in all, very reliable, professional and friendly service, Thank You!
Then the helmet it self; First of all; I had already tested this helmet, and found that I definitely want it to be my next helmet. Actually this is the first "flip-up" helmet I have owned, though I`ve tried many before, and never liked any so much that I would have purchased a one. Neotec felt already at the first try good, the fit was perfect and comfortable, and it did not feel massive, heavy or bulky as some earlier models of this kind of helmets I´ve tried. Also the side profil is quite slim, so as turbulences of side wind will have less effect on it. The flip-mechanism feels sturdy and exact, and while closed, the helmet feels like normal integral helmet. Very quiet, and the sealing around the neck prevents efficiently draft inside of helmet. Also many other nice features which make the helmet perfect choice for me, and probably some who have already considered of buying a flip-up helmet!! I will recommend!