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6D ATR-1 Helmet Stealth

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Ficha técnica

Capa Fibra de carbon, Fibra de vidrio, Kevlar
Forma Off-Road
Sistema de cierre Doble anillo tipo "D"
Interior - Revestimiento Removable | Washable | Anti-Bacterial
Garantía 3 Años
Estilo MX
Uso Protect your Head
Género Unisexo
Descuento 20%+
Material Fibra de carbon


Lightweight, Tri composite shell (carbon, kevlar, fiberglass), with "omni directional suspension". This helmet uses 2 layers of (Expanded Poly Styrene EPS) foam separated by 7 mm rubber dampeners, 54 used in the shell in all. A simple solution to an old problem.


2 key features of the 6D helmet: More airflow from the 7mm gap created by the dampeners. Provides 25 - 45% reduction in rotational head injury.

In off-road helmets studies found most crashes are at low speed, and include rotational forces.

Normally in a crash the force of the crash is enough to crush the EPS foam of the helmet, thereby reduce the injury to the riders head by absorbing the impact. However low speed off-road crashes are result not enough force to deform the EPS foam.

With the 6D helmet the low speed forces are also absorbed by the dampeners, reducing the possibility of brain injury by 25-45% with a low speed impact. Specifically rotational injuries are also reduced due to the possibility for the dampeners to allow the helmet to twist and move side to side.



PATENTED ODS (Omni-Directional Suspension) Technology 

SHELL – A proprietary woven blend of advanced aerospace carbon fiber, composite fiberglass, and Kevlar

NEW PC HALO – Improves durability of inner EPS liner and overall performance

AIR FLOW MANAGEMENT – 11 intake ports, 13 transfer ports, and 5 large exhaust ports

REAR DELTA-VENT – Aids heat transfer by scavenging air.

COMFORT LINER – Genuine CoolMax™anti-bacterial fabric



ROOST GUARD – Provides additional face protection

CLAVICAL CUT-AWAY – Provides increased colerbone clearance to prevent Breaks without sacrificing Shell strength

STERNUM PAD – Provides added protection of the chin, jaw and sternum in the event of an accident

EXCEEDS ECE, DOT , AU and AC standards.

WEIGHT: +/- 1,590 grams.



- 2 separate EPS liners separated by 27 elastic isolation dampers 

- 3-dimensional displacement of the inner liner upon impact

- Uncouples the impact force at the outer shell from the riders head

- Superior performance for low, medium, and high-velocity impacts 

- Significantly reduces Linear Accelerations

- Mitigates Angular Acceleration forces to the head and brain

- Increases ‘Time-to-Peak’ values by roughly double (lessens severity)

- Delivers progressive ‘ride-down’ for low, medium, and high-velocity impacts

- Self re-centering alignment when the impact load is removed

- Superior airflow, heat transfer, and sweat evaporation via air-gap between layers



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